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Heatwave Linked to Climate Change

published  First Published: 19/11/2009
Article written by: Claire Goulding
There's a 'high chance' a heatwave sweeping Australia's southern and eastern states is related to climate change, a scientist at the Bureau of Meteorology says.
Climate Meteorologist Harvey Stern says the scorching weather effecting parts of South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales at this time of the year is rare.
"This (the heatwave) is a truly extreme event," Dr Stern says.
"Many places have established all-time records for the first half of November."
The Meteorologist says the heatwave is caused by the absense of southerly wind flows.
'Variability in the climate'
"There is considerable variability in the climate and we do have in the background [that] the globe has warmed up by nearly a degree celcius over the last 50 years, so temperatures are higher now than they were then.
"There is a significantly higher chance that there is human involvement in climate change," Dr Stern says.
And there is a consensus amoung many scientists on the cause of this temperature increase.
"The intergovernmental panel on climate change has come out with statements that suggest it is more than 90 per cent likely that there has been some human involvement in that."
Adelaide faces another run of sweltering weather, with the mercury due to top 43 degrees celcius.
Likewise, Canberra is expected to record temperatures of 37 degrees, with temperatures in the usually-milder nation's capital expected to stay above 30 degrees into next week.



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