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Melbourne Storm of a Windy Kind

published  First Published: 20/11/2009
Article written by: News Editor: Nigel Brookson
The hottest day in Victoria since Black Saturday has ended with wild storms hitting the metropolitan suburbs of Melbourne.
The mercury soared to 38.3 degrees (just over the 100F mark) Celsius but dropped by more than 12 degrees within half an hour on Friday afternoon to 25.7C.
High winds caused havoc on the roads, with 24 traffic lights going down across the city and more than 15,000 households in Melbourne's outer west and parts of regional Victoria left without power.
State Emergency Service (SES) volunteers took almost 300 calls for assistance with fallen trees and branches.
SES spokesman Alan Briggs said the storm had been "reasonably widespread" in the outer east around the township of Healesville, and suburbs including Essendon and Sunshine were hit hard as several roofs were stripped off by extreme wind gusts.
A man was placed in an induced coma after his van was hit by a falling tree during the storm.
The man, 50, has head, facial and leg injuries after being trapped by his legs for an hour after the tree snapped in Don Valley in the Yarra Ranges east of Melbourne just before 3pm (AEDT).
A Bureau of Meteorology spokesman said the state could look forward to cooler overnight temperatures and high rainfalls were expected on the weekend.


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