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Dale Begg Smith Wins Silver

published  First Published: 15/02/2010
Article written by: David Wheaton
Begg-Smith, who won gold in Torino four years earlier was hoping for back to back gold medals, but, finished second in Vancouver with a final score of 26.58 to finish just behind local hero Alexandre Bilodeau on a score of 26.75.
The gold for Canada is the first whilst hosting an Olympic Games (Summer or Winter).
American Bryon Wilson was third.
Begg-Smith was disappointed to miss gold but philosophical with the result.

I skied the way I wanted to ski and thats all I can control, Begg-Smith said.

There were a lot of good runs out there today. And it just depends on the day how you do. I was just very happy to ski the way I did.
In an interview on channel nine afterwards with Eddie McGuire he would not be drawn in to the discussion about comments that the judging, saying effectively that he just concentrated on what he could control.

Begg-Smith was pleased that a Canadian won the gold, saying I think its great that Canada won. The crowd was happy. They went crazy.

The silver medal is the 7th medal won by Australia in Winter Olympic history, and marks the 5th successive Olympic Games that Australia has won a medal.

Bilodeau dedicated the win to his brother Frederic, who suffers from cerebral palsy saying straight afterwards that He is my inspiration, he never complains even though he has every reason to. Growing up with him puts everything in perspective, he said.

Bilodeau knows he will now enter the record books in Canada with his gold medal performance.

Yes, it will start a party, but there are plenty of more gold coming for Canada, he added.



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