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Whincup Wins 2011 Clipsal 500 Adelaide

published  First Published: 20/03/2011
Article written by: Mike Weston


Holden fans celebtate

Holden fans celebrated as TeamVodafone's Jamie Whincup won the second of two 250km races, following on from Saturday's first race win of Toll Holden Racing Team's Garth Tander.

Whincup was the overall winner of the round after placing second on Saturday.

Yesterday, there were 81,500 fans at the rain-affected event, taking the total over the four days to 270,800. This was down on last year's total of 277,800 and the 2008 record of 291,400.

Well into championship contention, Holden driver Craig Lowndes powered through the field to claim third place after starting the race in 11th, saying afterwards, it's nice to finish where we did considering where we started.

The Adelaide Clipsal 500 is the only event to have been inducted into the V8 Supercars Hall of Fame and itís the only event to have been named as Australiaís ďBest Major Festival or EventĒ on no less than four occasions, but several drivers commented on the return of the original F1 circuit design.

Adelaide abandoned the 3.78km Grand Prix circuit in favour of a 3.12km track when the V8 race was established in 1999. This cut out a fan-favourite section that extended north, further along East Tce, turning into Rundle Rd and then on to Dequetteville Tce with a near 1km-long straight.

Garth Tander equals Brock with his 48th career victory on the all time winning list

Going down as one of the great Adelaide Street races, Garth Tander joined ledgendary Peter Brock when he won the first race on Saturday. Tander took the line less than half a second in front of Whincup after a gripping street fight and moved to third, alongside the late Brock, on the V8 Supercars championship win's list.

"It is only just sinking in," Tander said. "It is pretty significant and very special to be alongside Peter, who was one of my idols. "To be honest, I think it might be skewed in my favour because we race more now but it feels great none the less. "It is in the record books and my name is alongside Peter Brock's now. "I don't feel worthy of being in the same sentence as him but they are the stats. I think Peter's career was more hard-fought than mine."

Reigning champion James Courtney hit a wall, damaging his steering. He was also penalised 10 seconds for jumping the start and a black flag for cutting a corner.

Sunday's Race - Top 10 Results

The list below shows the position, team, driver, car and race time

  1. TeamVodafone, Jamie Whincup, Commodore VE2, 02:08:50:3685
  2. Jack Daniel's Racing, Rick Kelly, Commodore VE2, 02:08:51:6891
  3. Orrcon Steel FPR Falcon, Mark Winterbottom, Falcon FG, 02:08:52:4924
  4. Toll Holden Racing Team, James Courtney, Commodore VE2, 02:08:56:4576
  5. Toll Holden Racing Team, Garth Tander, Commodore VE2, 02:08:58:6542
  6. The Bottle-O Racing Team, Paul Dumbrell, Falcon FG, 02:08:59:4903
  7. Trading Post, FPR Falcon, Will Davison, Falcon FG, 02:09:00:1902
  8. Jim Beam Racing, Steven Johnson, Falcon FG, 02:09:03:5433
  9. Bundaberg Racing, Fabian Coulthard, Commodore VE2, 02:09:05:5473
  10. Irwin Racing, Alex Davison, Falcon FG, 02:09:06:9681

After four races of the 2011 championship Jamie Whincup continues to lead the series, by 144 points from FPRís Mark Winterbottom.


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