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Crows Delistings 2009

published  First Published: 14/10/2009
Article written by: Sports Editor: Nigel Brookson
Adelaide, to cut at least three players by October 30, has removed from its 2010 squad:
ROBERT SHIRLEY who played 151 AFL games with Adelaide after his debut in 2000, including 11 this season when coach Neil Craig had wanted to develop him beyond a tagger.
NICK GILL, who played 17 AFL games in three seasons - just one this year - after not breaking through at Melbourne and North Melbourne. Adelaide's fourth-round pick from the 2006 draft was repeatedly held back by injury.
GREG GALLMAN, the former North Adelaide defender who never gained senior selection with the Crows after being elevated from the rookie list in 2007. The former state under-age full back was cursed by injury.
AARON KITE who also never gained AFL selection after being a fifth-round draftee in 2007.
TOM LEE, who was delisted despite having a season to serve on the standard two-year contract handed to him as a draftee last year.
Lee, a fourth-round draft pick last year, will be paid out for next season. The Crows could recoup some of this money if the West Australian forward is given a new chance on Adelaide's rookie list.
Shirley's delisting will create debate because of his outstanding shutdown jobs which drew the admiration from Brownlow Medallist, Geelong's Gary Ablett last month.
But the change of AFL tactics, in particular with zone-based game plans, has minimised the need for a tagger, particularly if he can't be creative.
Adelaide has chosen to hand Shirley's roles to the more adaptive and quicker Michael Doughty, who played 22 games last year and pitched in with 8 goals.
Adelaide chief executive Steven Trigg last night paid tribute to Shirley for gaining the most from his opportunities in the AFL.
"It is a tough call on 'Shirls', who has done a fantastic job in reaching 150 games," said Trigg.
"It is a distasteful part of our game. But it just boils down to keeping the rejuvenation of our list going." Adelaide already has elevated injured midfielder Brodie Martin from the rookie list to its senior squad. This leaves the Crows with four picks in the national draft on November 26 - at numbers 13, 29, 45 and 61.
The Crows will also be taking full advantage of their new $20 million training and entertainment facility at West Lakes.


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