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Arnie Terminates Text Books

published  First Published: 12/06/2009
Article written by: News Editor: Nigel Brookson
Facing a budget shortfall of $US24.3 billion ($30 billion), the former actor, and Mr Universe, said that converting to online study would also keep pupils more up to date.
He said he believed that online activities such as Facebook, Twitter and downloading to portable devices demonstrate that young people are ready to learn from the internet.
"A world of up-to-date information fits easily into their pockets and onto their computer screens," he wrote in the San Jose Mercury News. "So why are California's public school students still forced to lug around antiquated, heavy, expensive textbooks?"... that you need to have an 'Arnie' set of muscles to do.
"California is home to the worlds software giants, bioscience research pioneers and first-class university systems known around the world, but our students still learn from instructional materials in formats made possible by Gutenberg's printing press."
Last year California spent $US350 million on textbooks, prompting Mr Schwarzenegger to sign an executive order to scrap funding on contracts from March. From August, high school maths and science students will be offered educational materials online and the opportunity to use digital readers which can hold the equivalent of 160 books.
The Republican governor's latest attempt to balance the state's budget was defeated last month when Californian voters rejected a series of cuts to social programs. Mr Schwarzenegger has refused to raise taxes to fill the gap.


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