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Dating Turnoffs, What not to do.

published  First Published: 08/01/2010
Article written by: Nigel Brookson
Not all dating turn-offs are peculiar quirks or just the result of an eccentric lifestyle choice; some habits and dislikes are universal and shared by most people. Hereís what to avoid when youíre playing the dating game.
Bad Hygiene
The most popular dating turn-off is bad hygiene. Believe it or not, even in this day and age there are still many people who donít take their personal care seriously.
Men are the worst culprits Ė many think running their fingers through their hair and tucking their shirt in is all the preparation needed for a hot date.
Remember, your first impression will be a lasting impression, so make sure itís good. Spend a little time and effort getting ready for your date. Guys Ė have a shower, wash your hair, have a shave, and put on some clean clothes. You may usually wear jeans and trainers but leave them at home tonight. Dress up for the occasion.
Most importantly, donít forget to clean your teeth and spray on some deodorant. Aftershave too, but make sure itís not too overpowering.
Ladies Ė if I need to tell you how to scrub up, then I really do despair!
Clothes are another dating turn-off. Or should I say, wearing the wrong type of clothes for the occasion.
Look around next time youíre out and youíll see what I mean. Couples with the lady immaculately dressed and her date sporting a worn out pair of jeans in an upmarket restaurant, a scruffy t-shirt to the theater, or a washed out sweater to a chic wine bar.
Getting it right on a first date is crucial, get it wrong and itís unlikely youíll get a second chance. You donít need to wear expensive designer clothes but do dress to impress.
Comfort is important too, so even smart casual is acceptable for most venues but do make an effort. Itís often a good idea to spend your first date having lunch together during the week.
Both of you will already be dressed smartly for work leaving less chance for mistakes. However, if youíre a¬† manual worker, itís probably best to stick to evening dates after youíve had a wash and change.
For men, a shirt and a pair of trousers is generally acceptable. No soccer jerseys or brash shirts just at the moment, guys.
Something chic and tasteful is fine for the ladies. Donít go over the top or wear anything too short, too tight or even too trendy, as this will probably make you feel wrongly dressed for the occasion and spoil your evening.
Money is another concern in our list of dating turn-offs. Splash it around too much and its disliked, be a tightwad and itís also a fault.
Talking too much about money is a definite no-no as is a lack of desire for achievement. In general, itís not such a good idea to talk money during a first date; instead spend the time together enjoying yourselves and having fun. If the topic of ambition does crop up, keep it simple.
Donít boast or brag. Remember, money doesnít always impress, it can easily make people feel uncomfortable or even cause arguments. If your date is not of a similar financial standing to yourself, donít pretend youíre something youíre not.
Keep your dating venue affordable to both of you in order not to cause embarrassment. And remember, itís the person who is important, not their money. Even if you are a multi-millionaire, let your personality speak rather than your wallet!
Telling porkies. Bending the truth. Call it what you will but it all amounts to the same thing. Itís very common during dates but that doesnít make it any less hated by most people.
There are many reasons why an individual might lie. To appear more popular, more liked, exciting or cool are only some of the excuses people have for not being totally honest with their new date.
What usually happens is that the truth slips out once the conversation relaxes and both partners enjoy a laugh together over it. However, what started out as a little white lie can sometimes lead to more disastrous results. Overall, people want honesty and this is the basis for any good relationship, so itís vital to be open and truthful if you want things to go further.
Being less than honest is only storing up trouble for the future.
Excessive Drinking
Over-indulging with alcohol is another big dating turn-off. Getting blind drunk is only asking for disaster to happen. It may be acceptable when youíre young and your social life revolves around bars, after all, itís part of student life and something weíve all probably enjoyed at some time or another. However, as we grow up and become mature adults, itís a whole different ball game.
Countless people have gone on dates with someone they had the hots for only to see them unable to stand at the end of the evening due to too much beer or liquor. Not surprisingly, in most of these cases the relationship went no further. One of the reasons some people over-indulge during a first date is because of nerves.
After knocking back a few they become more relaxed and feel confident, it calms their anxieties.
One or two drinks do no harm and can be beneficial on a first date simply for this reason. However, going overboard will do more harm than a few nerves would ever have managed. Your inhibitions are lowered or non-existent and you can easily end up making a total fool of yourself. Enjoying a few drinks is okay but maybe itís best to avoid it during a first date.



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