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7 Ways Men can Attract Women

published  First Published: 30/01/2010
Article written by: Claire Goulding
Well, attracting woman is not as difficult as you think. If you still have not figured out how to go for the girl, read these tips to find the best ways of attracting the opposite sex.
1) Initiate
How do you get a girl to talk to you if you donít talk to her? If you are attracted to this woman, then you must find guts to start a conversation with her. Whether at the library or at a Friday night party, find courage to stand up and introduce yourself to her. Initiation is the first step to picking up women.
2) Be Confident, but Be You
The very first thing women notice about men is their confidence. When a man is confident, he can deliver a conversation very well, making him look smarter. However, if you overdo confidence, you might end up seeming to be a haughty creature. Women like confidence; they do not like arrogance. There is a fine line that separates the two.
3) Be a Good Talker and Listener
Almost all women fall for the witty and humorous guys. Refine your communication skills; be fun. However, it is best that you choose safe jokes so that you do not put yourself or others down. Listen to the stories women tell you. One of the best ways of attracting woman is to be a good listener. Women fall for guys who lend their ears.
4) Be Presentable
Every woman would fall for a guy who has great hair and good smell. It is far more appealing to women to smell a trace of your fragrance as you walk past them. Do not bathe with your aftershave; the goal here is to attract, not repel. Also, make sure that your nails are clean. Women look into them first
5) Stare
Yes, stare, and smile. Women get flattered when men stare deep into their eyes in conversations. Staring cues your interest in the topic and to the woman you are talking with. Make your stares magical, wear clothes that match the color of your eyes. With this, your eyes will be accentuated and many will notice how attractive you are.
6) Watch Your Attitude
No matter how impressive you are when you entered that door or when you came up to the woman you were trying to woo, all of your efforts will be put in futility if you do not act right. Control your temper, disgust or depression. Let go of frustration as you try your way to attract this woman. Do not talk about past relationships or how depressing your work is. Talk about light things to start attracting woman. You do not want to deter any woman from liking you. Again, confidence, positivity and courage will help you seal the deal of attracting woman.
7) Be Courteous
Yes it may be 'old fashioned' but women like to be treated with gestures of being special, those small things like opening doors for them, and allowing them to be infront, taking off your jacket if she is getting cold, etc.


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