VW Beatle Greatest Milage Recoed

Wednesday, January 10, 1996. :   A VW beetle gains the world record for the greatest automobile mileage. 
The name 'Volkswagen' which translates literally as "people's car" is the name of an automobile manufacturer based in Wolfsburg, Germany.
The VW Type 1, better known as the Beetle or Bug or Kfer (in German), is a small family car and probably the best known car made by Volkswagen. During the Beetle's production which commenced in 1938 and ended in 2003, over 21 million Beetles in the original design were made.
On 30 July 2003, the final original VW Beetle (No. 21,529,464) was produced at Puebla, Mexico.
The car established a firm reputation for reliability and sturdiness.
On 10 January 1996, an original 1963 VW Beetle belonging to Mr Albert Klein of Pasadena, California, had clocked up 1,592,503 miles, and was still running.
This was the world's record for automobile mileage of any small vehicle, and to date, has not been surpassed.