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Why Should We go Raw?

published  First Published: 06/01/2010
Article written by: Health Editor: Carmen Goidia
In addition to helping you feel great inside and out, studies have shown that eating live, enzyme-rich foods contain resources that can alleviate many illnesses, prevent many health problems, and strengthen the immune system.
Raw foods can help you achieve a stable body-mass index, clear skin, more energy, and can help to minimize a range of common illnesses, from the flu to obesity-related illnesses.
People who follow a raw, live-food diet generally believe a number of principles:
Raw foods are enzyme-rich, which acts as a catalyst to regulate the digestive process in the body.
When you heat food above 118F, the enzymes which aid in the digestion process begin to degrade or be destroyed.  Once they are destroyed, the human body takes on the toll of having to digest these dead foods without the aid of enzymes.  This depletes the body of energy, making you tired and low energy.
In the long term, consuming food without enzymes can lead to toxicity in the body, to excess consumption of food, and therefore to obesity and chronic disease.
Raw, living foods, particularly those that are organically grown, have a much higher nutrient values than foods which have been cooked.
When you are hungry and eat raw, organic foods with a higher nutrient content, the Im full! button is turned on sooner, and people tend to not overeat like they do when they eat cooked, processed foods.



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