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Hey Hey Blunder

published  First Published: 08/11/2009
Article written by: Nigel Brookson

Red Faces all round!


AFTER 21 years, Jacki MacDonald was finally reunited with Daryl Somers on the second of the Hey Hey It's Saturday reunion specials, but the show will be remembered for a storm over a Red Faces skit.

Swing crooner, and guest Red Faces judge, Harry Connick Jr led a chorus of criticism over a final controversial Red Faces act on the show.

The singer looked uncomfortable during the performance of the Jackson Jive - a group of singers with their faces painted black.

The singer gave the troupe a score of zero and said the act would not have gone down well in the US.

Connick Jr was born and raised in New Orleans and learned to play music alongside African American jazz musicians.

Later, after an on-air apology issued directly to the star by Somers, Connick Jr said he needed to "speak up as an American''.

"If I knew that was going to be part of the show I definitely wouldn't have done it,'' he said

Viewers were quick to criticise the stunt on Twitter. Among them comedian Dave Hughes who wrote: "Harry Connick Jr is wishing he didn't agree to be on Hey Hey right now.''

The act was a group of singers with their faces painted black, led by a white faced Michael Jackson look a like.
The group played the same skit on Red Faces 21 years ago, and were all medical students then.

Now all medical practioners, Dr Diva, a plastic surgeon, and the Michael look a like, said he did not want to offend anyone, and went looking to apologise to Harry Connick.
Dr Diva pointed out that he had checked with the show's production staff, after the group thought it may be controversial, who were Ok with it.

The group has an understanding of racism; 2 are Indian, one Lebanese.

Channel 9 has said it will decide the future of Hey Hey It's Saturday after reviewing ratings figures for the two reunion specials.

Let's hope that the 2 Minute Blinder does not stop the come back Tv audiences are looking for.


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