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Who Killed Channel 9

published  First Published: 31/12/2009
Article written by: Nigel Brookson
With Kerry Packer at the helm, and with a host of stars and personalities that made it the envy of its rivals, Channel 9 dominated the airwaves, consistently winning the ratings battle and fostering a unique esprit de corps within its ranks.
But in a few short years, it's gone from top dog to also ran - with rock bottom morale, mass redundancies and a resurgent opposition mainly staffed with vengeful former Nine management.
Where does the blame lie, and who's brave enough to expose the dysfunction, mismanagement and more than occasional act of bastardry that reads as a how-to of how not to run a business?
In this extraordinary book, Gerald Stone gives a truly eye-opening inside account of the death of a television network.
The result is a drama far more riveting than anything on television, played out by an incredible cast of characters, most of them household names, some of them business legends, and all of them as you've never, ever seen them before.
Is this also an insight into the collapse of not only Channel Nine, but the media empire that made the late Kerry Packer the richest man in Australia?


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