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SA Superway Unveiled

published  First Published: 15/10/2009
Article written by: Government News Release
The Superway will connect from the Port River Expressway to Regency Road, reducing travel times by up to 7 minutes and improving safety for the up to 45,000 vehicles that use this section of the road every day.
It will also improve productivity for the 17 per cent of vehicles using the road that carry freight including b-doubles and road trains by linking to Adelaides industrial precinct, Airport, Islington Rail Terminal, Port Adelaide and Outer Harbor.
The project will include:
- A 2.8 kilometre road bridge elevated 10 metres above the existing road between Wing Street and Taminga Street;
- Grade separation over four signalised intersections and one railway crossing.
- Modifications to the 1.7 kilometre section of South Road between Taminga Street and Regency Road; and
- Upgrades to the local road system, including Naweena Road and Hanson Road between Grand Junction Road and Cormack Road.
The project is expected to support 2,750 jobs.
The Federal Government has committed $500 million to South Road as part of a $2.5 billion investment in South Australian transport and the South Australian Government has committed $430 million to the upgrading of South Road.
The innovative corridor solution was developed following engineering and environmental investigations along with input from local business operators and landowners.
Planning is expected to be completed in mid 2010. Construction on local roads is expected to commence in March 2010.
The South Road Superway is expected to be open to traffic in late 2013 six months ahead of the original schedule.

A Project Impact Report addressing the economic, social and environmental effects of the project is now underway and will ensure continued community engagement providing a range of opportunities for people to provide input.
For more information, including concept images and vision of the South Road Superway, visit www.infrastructure.sa.gov.au.


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