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World's Richest Getting Poorer

published  First Published: 12/03/2009
Article written by: Nigel Brookson
On Thursday, the ranking released by the people and the amount has a record $1.25 trillion, compared to $1.13 trillion last year. The Forbes magazine’s list of the 400 richest Americans consisting of people worth $1 billion or even more.
Due to the global economic crisis its toll on the world’s richest people, wiping 332 names off Forbes magazine’s “rich list” of world billionaires. Now, 793 people claim to have lost 23 per cent of their wealth.
The stock market collapse helped Microsoft founder Bill Gates regain the top spot, despite his wealth declining $18bn (£13.06bn) to $40bn.Microsoft founder Bill Gates regained top spot and Americans made up half of the top 20, compared with only four last year.
During the past years, Russia lost about two-thirds of their billionaires, estimated by the Forbed 2009, The World Billionaire List. In Moscow, number of Russian billionaires fell from 87 to 32, with 27.
There are 55 people on the list in New York which has a come back of the billionaire capital of the world title from Moscow but London was second with 28. Russia’s richest man, aluminum magnate Oleg Deripaska, saw his fortune plummet from $28bn to $3.5bn. Last year, 87 Russians were in the Forbes Billionaire List and they lost a total of $369bn between them.
However, Forbes Billionaires 2009 list shrinked for the first time in six years. Having, the top three billionaires lost $68 billion in the year to February 13. Gates Loses $18B. Warren Buffett is $25B poorer but still comes the second. Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim came in the third place with with 25 billion loss down from 35.
India also saw a billionaire drop-off. India’s list is down to 24 from last year’s 53. Only China is holding strong this year, who managed to have more billionaires in 2009 than India for the first time.
The biggest number of people on the list live in California, which houses 90 of the 400, and another 44 live in New York City.
The list was led off by technologists, such as Gates, Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, Dell Inc.’s Michael Dell and Ellison, and rounded out by five members of the Walton clan who have fortunes amassed from sales by the world’s largest retailer.
Ellison, with $19.5 billion, moved to fourth place from fifth, while Allen, last year’s No. 3, was fifth this year with $16 billion. Dell fell to a tie at ninth place from fourth in last year’s list; he is worth $15.5 billion.



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